The Grand MisconceptionAs a guest on KPFT-FM in Houston, Texas, Eraka Rouzorondu explains why Black people have failed to address effectively our vulnerability in the United States of America! (NOTE: broadcast aborts just before the show's closing remarks)(August 20, 2017)

Neo-Nazis, Charlottesville and African Americans - As a guest on the national Carl Nelson show,  Eraka shoots straight from the hip about the relevance -- and the irrelevance -- of the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi demonstration to African Americans and systemic racism/white supremacy (August 18, 2017).

Girls Trip - As co-host of The Shomari Show on WURD-AM/FM in Philadelphia, Eraka discusses the movie "Girls Trip" in the context of women's personal and collective empowerment (August 11, 2017)